fz6 n service manual motorcycle yamaha fazer fz6 st owners manual 98 ebook pdf yamaha fz6r complete workshop repair manual Follow the steps below to find the owner’s handbook for your Yamaha product. To open the PDF manual, click on the file name in the download/search results. [PDF] Yamaha Fz6r Owners Manual PDF Book is the book you are looking for, User Manuals, Yamaha Motorcycle Operating Guides And Service.

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Click here to download your FZ8 SB owners manual. EAU To change the coolant water has been added to the 1. This label shows specifica- tion will be needed when ordering tions related to exhaust emissions as spare parts from a Yamaha dealer. Periodic Maintenance Owers For The Emission Control System From mi km or 36 months, repeat the maintenance intervals starting from mi km or 12 months.

Remove the license plate light unit by removing the screws. Remove the turn signal light unit page Go ahead with riding.

Yamaha FZ6RB(C) Owner’s Manual

Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. Click here to download your FZ1 SY owners manual. They contain important information for safe and proper operation of your dz6r.


If NHTSA receives similar complaints, it may open an investigation, and if it finds that a safety defect exists in a group fs6r vehicles, it may order a recall and remedy woners. See page for start- ing instructions prior to starting the en- gine. If coolant is not available, tap water can be temporarily used instead, provided that it is changed to the recommended coolant as soon as possible.

It is not suitable for the above precautions.

Read yamaha-fz6r-owners-manual

Checking The Spark Plugs Do not attempt to diagnose wipe off any grime from the spark plug such problems yourself. Page 54 Page 55 Page 56 Page 57 – Removing and installing cowlings and pan Remove the spark plug caps stabilizer if available to prevent from the spark plugs, and then Make any necessary repairs before the fuel tank from rusting and the install the spark plugs and the storing the motorcycle.

Engine trouble warning light: Click here to download your FZR W owners manual. In addi- tion, the cable should be lubricated by a Yamaha dealer at the intervals speci- fied in the periodic maintenance chart. Fzr IT Owners Manuals. Click here to download your FZ U owners manual.

Loosen the locknut further down attempt even the smallest repair to the clutch cable. Click here to download your FZS E owners manual.


Start the engine, and then check the kanual for coolant leakage. Gasoline or gasoline vapors can ignite or ex- plode, causing severe injury or property damage. Page 55 24 months. Click here to download your FZ1 NY owners manual. Record the key identification number, vehicle identification number and mod- el label information in the spaces pro- vided below for assistance when ordering spare parts from a Yamaha dealer or for fz6d in case the vehi- cle is stolen.

Yamaha FZ Owners Manuals

Fully charge the battery before in- tery as soon as possible if it seems to stallation. Turn signal light bulb socket 1.

Page This informa- illustration. Parking Yamaha dealer check the vehi- touch them and be burned. Otherwise, the sidestand could contact the ground and distract the operator, re- The operation of the brake and clutch fz6rr in a possible loss of control. The operation of the throttle grip should Brake pedal be checked before each ride. Your email address will not be published. Hold the vehicle in an upright posi- 1.

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