NOVEL: Dikmen Yıldızı (Summit Star, ), Odun Kokusu (Smell of Wood, ) , Tang-Tango (Tang-Tango, ), Bir Şoförün Gizli Defteri (The Secret. The first case in which the departure of the Greeks is encountered is in the novel by Aka Gündüz (–) The Star of Dikmen (Dikmen Yıldızı) published in. “The Enemy Within: Aka Gündüz’s The Star of Dikmen as an Example of Turkish National Romances”. Erol Köroğlu (Koroglu). Uploaded by. E. Köroğlu (Koroglu).

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Item s unavailable for purchase. In The Night of FireGreek-speaking Muslim immigrants who came to Turkey from Crete before are portrayed living in a predominantly Rum environment in Milas, a town on the Aegean coast. Loyalty to the state is to be valued even if the state is misguided.

Would yodz like us to take another look at this review? Further to these observations, textual analysis of the exchange as it appears in Turkish literature enables one to reach some conclusions concerning the understanding of national identity, citizenship, motherland, the state and also of the exchange itself in Turkish society. Indeed, the ethnic character of the state determines the ethnicity of the people, not the reverse.

Dikmen Yıldızı

Based on my study of the random sample this is almost all that has been produced on the exchange during the fifty-five years that followed it. The common themes usually involved the motherland left behind or the new life in Greece. The event was also interpreted in different ways according to the political ideology of the writers.

He therefore thinks it strange to feel nostalgic towards Crete idkmen his own home country ibid.: In such terms both countries lost approximately 10 gdnz of their original inhabitants. The reader is led to feel pity for the people akaa had to leave their home country. Milto, a civilian, but one who has apparently served in the Turkish army, faces the officer as a soldier at attention.

Samouilidis, I Karamanites ypdz A. It is not individuals who are accused of wrongdoings but the state; the state acts, and the people suffer or prosper as a result. See if you have enough points for this item. The Turks were not as keen as the Greeks to record and preserve the memory of the lands left behind.


This Muslim family is exalted as honest, patriotic and considerate. Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. Kazantzakis, I Adelphophades ; M.

It is not included in this study since it is less a literary work than a narration of imaginary events accompanied with analysis and interpretations.

All the members of qka family speak Greek amongst themselves — their Turkish is very poor — but it is their language and accent that Kemal likes most.

Dikmen Yıldızı by Aka Gündüz

Still, there were times when relations between the two communities were good. At present there are plans in one Turkish publishing house to publish books written by members of the Centre for Asia Minor Studies, Athens.

You submitted the following rating and review. Politis, Stou Hatzifrangou ; F. Why should I upgrade to Internet Explorer 7? The story develops as the Rums of an imaginary island leave for Greece following the exchange, and as Poyraz Musa, a Muslim, comes to settle there in their place. With restrictions on producing texts that alluded to settlement problems or the shortcomings of the government, this period was not a favourable one for writers.

As one Rum explains, they are treated very badly in Greece because they are considered to be Turks ibid.: Secondly, there is an almost complete absence of descriptions of the life of the immigrants in their former homeland, i.

The peasants of Xanthi in Greecewho used to cultivate tobacco, are not accustomed to figs and olives. After a few more passages appear in the literary texts of some leftist-Marxist writers.

He is not liked by the villagers. Your are currently browsing this site with Internet Explorer 6 IE6. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. However, the violence that both ethnic groups were subjected to is described, including bloody incidents and torture. The exchanged Rums are portrayed as traitors in that they did not love their motherland, Turkey p.

Aka Gunduz

Probably the only exception is R. How to write a great review. Bibliography of literary works. However, these writers represent only one particular ideological approach in Turkish literature. To download Internet Explorer 7 in the language of your choice, please visit the Internet Explorer 7 worldwide page.


Recently, other writers have produced such novels e. When the Rums lived there the town was almost a paradise. On closer examination, however, it is seen that this loyalty is not evaluated on an individual basis but on a communal millet basis, as it was in the Ottoman period. Firstly, while the Greeks would be justified in perceiving the event as the result of a military defeat and hence as a blow to their pride, the Turks see the exchange as the outcome of a military victory: At first glance this understanding seems to correspond to the modern French definition of citizenship.

The Muslims moved to newly captured lands and, following state directions, moved away again when these lands were lost as a result of a military defeat. Compared with the exchanged Muslims, a greater proportion of the exchanged Christians were from towns, which would suggest higher rates of literacy and a stronger likelihood of able writers emerging from their number.

The Muslim Cretans suffer a great deal since the Greeks use violent means to annex the island. The walls of the houses abandoned by the Greeks are covered in blood. Microsoft has redesigned Internet Explorer from the ground up, with better security, new capabilities, and a whole new interface.

Aka Gunduz – Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

At the end of the novel, Kemal remembers with great nostalgia these Greeks whom he had loved so much ibid.: There is a distinction in the book between Greeks and Rums. The message that the reader discerns from this passage, reflecting a nationalistic gnxz of view, is that all sacrifices are worth the effort in order to free the city from its unwelcome enemies.

Pavli, the hero, insists that he is a Turk and that he hates the Greeks.