The Singing is the fourth and last novel in Alison Croggon’s Pellinor series. The novel was completed in June and was published in Australia on 30 June. The Singing by Alison Croggon, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. “Sonorous motifs and resonant archetypes form the backbone of this series conclusion [the] prose is aesthetically romantic without.

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Characters who I wished would get together did, and, like harry potter, the author manages to tie up all loose ends and includes all the clues and hints left in earlier books.

She is saved by a combination of Arkan, the Winterking, taunting her, and Coggon calling her her Truename, Elednor. Croggon to write more in the series to show them rebuilding and moving on in their lives, but that’s just because I love the characters. Adventure, songs, magic, war, and hidden Love About Alison Croggon Alison Croggon is an award-winning poet whose work has been published extensively in anthologies and magazines internationally.

The Singing – Wikipedia

I was smiling for a long time after i read that part of the book! Would I read it again?

Please try again later. However, I was somewhat disappointed. To ask other readers questions about The Singingplease sign up.

I mean it was sort of there under the surface in the other books.

Young bards Maerad and her brother Xroggon have been separated both by geography and by the first tremors of a war that could shake their world to its foundations. Even when they wandered dark paths, the characters never lost sight of the good they were fighting for, and I really appreciated that. But I loved rhe story and the characters and the writing enough that I did not care.


Alison is also an editor and critic. Al The stunning conclusion crpggon the epic Pellinor series—four books telling an extraordinary tale of another world. Along the way they meet up with a trio of traveling players named Karim, Marich, and Hekibel, who are unaware of the advancing Black Sharma’s Army and to warn them about the same.

THE SINGING by Alison Croggon | Kirkus Reviews

Allison has a very poetic, lyrical language, and is master of bringing her thoughts to life. There is plenty of magic and plenty of danger. You knew Cadvan cared for her always but he never pushed it onto her, never really pined for her and never let it get in the way of what needed to be done.

I am planning to sit down and write the thing in the second half of next year – I haven’t been contracted, but Walker is anxious to get a publication date, and would like to keep the series on track. As a critic she was named Geraldine Pascall Critic of the Year in And, with the pain of growing there come the sacrifices.

The Best Books of And I don’t mean to distract from her poetic writing and storyline, but there could have been a few more than some subtle hints of “tender gazes.


As always though this is no easy feat and they must face alisln, darkness and fight to save themselves and those they love. Alison Croggon’s powers of description continue to astound me when we finally see Maerad’s struggles to unleash the power within her and her hopes that embracing it will not destroy all those she loves.

Well done Alison Croggon.


For even then it is neither the time nor the place to heal the broken song. It raised some questions for me: Did I enjoy it? The Search for TK.

Good enough to make singng post a review! For being told over sihging over again over the course of the four books that The Nameless One was the bad guy, I sure knew next to nothing about him by the time Maerad and Hem sang the Treesong and he was defeated. The focus was back to where I felt it belonged. I wish Alison would write another book to go along with this. Overall this is one series that i can honestly say is one that i will someday read again! Amazing, I loved the moment when Hem and Maerad finally caught up with each other.