Start studying Customs and Courtesies (AR ). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC 24 September UNCLASSIFIED. SUMMARY of CHANGE AR –25 Salutes, Honors, and Visits of. AR –25 Salutes, Honors, and Visits of Courtesy This is a change to AR 25, 15 May o o Changes have been made in chapter 6. Major changes.

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The flag will be lowered to ensure completion at the last note of themusic.

Air Force are as prescribed by the individual installationcommander. Courtesies to the national flag and the national anthem of the United States a.

Army AR 25—30 for specific guidance. This visit shouldbe returned within 24 hours, circumstances permitting, if the installation commander is a colonel or a general. Coast Guardand cadets from the service academies, where available.

All waiver requests Distribution.

Commander and commanding officerAs used in this regulation, includes commanders, chiefs of staff sections of combatant and major commands, installa-tion commanders, division commanders, and heads of branches, offices, and agencies of comparable size. Proponent and exception authority. Military personnel being saluted and other military personnel in the ceremonial party will render thehand salute during the playing and firing. Veterans will be provided at least two uniformed service members to perform the minimum mandatory funeralhonors consisting of the ceremonial folding and presentation of the American flag and the playing of Taps.

Visiting cardsVisiting cards are used during calls as an individual optional courtesy. Military Funeral Honors are a statutory entitlement. The commander must document the recognition of an individual authorized provider. When holidays fall on Sunday, the succeeding Monday may be considered a holiday byappropriate authority. All installations and activities of DA in scribed hours reveille to retreat from day of the State, Congressional District, Territory, death until retreat regulatoin day of interment.


Flags flown at place of burial will be sentative, Delegate or Commissioner, re- hoisted to the top after the last salvo or volley spectively is fired over the grave. When regulatiion an officer on board a naval vessel, follow these procedures— 1 An officer paying a boarding visit to a naval vessel is met at the accommodation ladder by the officer of thedeck. Coast Guardand general officers generals of the U. This publication is a rapid action Guard of the United States, and the U.

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Courtesy visits are not required in connection with short absences on leave or temporary duty away from a homestation. When within 6 paces of the Colors, turn head in direction of Colors and render hand sa- lute. The trained provider will be recognized with documentation that may take the form of a certificate or otherappropriate record. regulagion

SF Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Businesswill be used by authorizedproviders to submit expense claims in accordance with DOD Financial Management Regulation, volume 9, chapter 4,section Individuals will stand at attention during the playing of official songs of other Services.

The fact that the firing party consists of 7 riflemen, firing 3 volleys does notconstitute a 21—gun salute. The Chief of Staff, Army will— 1 Serve as the Department of the Army DA functional proponent for salutes, honors, ceremonies, customs, andvisits of courtesy.

All Army personnel in uniform are required to salute when they meet and recognize persons entitled to the salute.

Upon the official arrival of U. Department of the Army officials entitled to ceremonial honors as specified in table 2—1 will provide adequateadvance notice to the appropriate installation commander of an impending official visit.


AR 600-25 Salutes Honors and Visits of Courtesy

Pay, allowances, and service credit for Ready Reserve members shall be based on the duty category in which themember is performing funeral honors and the preparation for such honors. Flags flown at place of burialSenate, Majority or Minority Leader of the possessions. Salutes will not be fired between retreat and reveille, on Sundays, or on national holidays excluding MemorialDay and Independence Rwgulation unless, at the discretion of the commander directing the 600-225, international courtesy, orthe occasion requires an exception.

Fort Lewis, Tacoma, WA — Regulaiton composition and commander of the funeral escort for a cadet of the United States Military Academy will beas prescribed by the superintendent of the United State Military Academy.

Ifonly one side is rigged with a brow or accommodation ladder, as when the ship is moored to a pier, then the forwardsuch access is used by commissioned officers and those regulatioon accompany them. An individualofficer on official business will pay calls on diplomatic and consular officials in like manner. Execute orders at the command of offi- cer or NCO in charge. Navy or the U. If out- Colors are within round of salute, Render hand salute.

The providerwill be considered regulahion Government employee for the purposes of liability and workers compensation when augmenting asArmed Forces Military Funeral Honors detail in accordance with 10 USC Military personnel under arms will render the salute prescribed for the weapon with which they are armed,whether or not that weapon ordinarily is prescribed as part of their equipment.