Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Arrian’s Anabasis of Alexander in seven books is the best account we have of Alexander’s adult life. Indica, a description of India and of Nearchus’s voyage. Links to translation of Arrian: Anabasis, by E. Iliff Robson.

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As a rich man with a sense of responsibility, Arrian wanted to do something for society.

Arrian: links to translation

Though it may be looked upon as a supplement to the Anabasis, Arrian often refers in the one work to the other. While ahabasis was still at Mallus, he was informed that Darius was encamped with all his forces at Sochi, a place in the land of Assyria, distant about two days’ march from the Assyrian Gates.

Such was his ability, that at the age of 16 he was entrusted with the govern- ment of Macedonia by his father, when he marched against Byzan- tium. Alexander at the Tomb of Achilles.

Anabasis of Alexander, Volume II

The Siege of Tyre. Siege and Capture of Miletus. Capture of Five Cities in Two Days. Alexander in Lycia and Pamphylia. He became a pupil of the famous Stoic philosopher Epictetus, and afterwards went to Athens, where he received the surname of the “younger Xenophon,” from the fact that he occupied the same relation to Epictetus as Xenophphon did to Socrates. Consequently this Alexander was arrested and kept under guard.


The Anabasis of Alexander

Voyage down the Hydaspes into the Acesines. At the time of the battle of Delium, in the Peloponnesian war, they were eleven in number, two of them being Thebans. The people of this city are foreigners, of the Pisidian race, inhabiting a very lofty place, precipitous on every side ; so that the road to the city is a ansbasis one. They were hoplites intended for close combat, but more lightly armed and more fit for rapid evolutions than the phalanx. The last authority which agrian mentions, is the Royal Diary kept by Eumenes, of Cardia, the private secretary of Philip as well as of Alexander, and by the historian Diodotus, of Erythrae.

The Anabasis of Alexander – Wikisource, the free online library

For his personal valour see AeUan Varia Historia, xii. The Answer of Coenus. Because they happened to be inveterate enemies to the Termessians they had anabassis this embassy to Alexander, to arria for his friendship.

Inthe Alans, a tribe from the steppes of Kazakhstan, threatened the Parthian and Roman empires. The rest of the army he left behind near the city, to prevent the citizens from hasten- ing forth to form a junction with Glaucias as they would have doneif all the Macedonian army had withdrawn.

Thereupon Alexander arranged all his army with the intention of fighting.

Aeeangement of the Hostile Aemies. He took the child into his own family and brought him up with his own children.


They served in the Macedonian army chiefly as cavalry and light infantry. In regard to the contents of this book, Photius cod.

But he issued orders to preserve all the Halicarnassians who should be taken in their houses. During the stay of the emperor Hadrian at Athens, a. Here an embassy reached Alexander from the Athenians, beseeching him to release to them the Athen- ian prisoners who had been captured at the river Granicus, fighting for the Persians, and were then in Macedonia anabzsis in chains with the two thousand others captured in that battle.

The design of this sacrifice was, that his disembarking in Asia might be more fortunate than that of Protesilaus had been. Capture of Mitylene by the Persians. He exhibits great literary acuteness in the choice of his authorities and in sifting evidence.

Alexander’s Dealings with the Indian Sages. Close to these were posted the Companions who were shield-bearing infantry under the command of Nicanor, son of Parmenio.

Plutarch Life of Alex. It is entitled Cynegeticus of Arrian or the second Xenophon the Athenian.