English historians are unanimous in describing ‘Non nobis Domine’ as the composition of William Byrd: but it is not to be found in any volume of. Buy Non Nobis Domine (SAB) by William Byrd/arr. at Choral Sheet Music. Now developing mixed or treble choirs can sing this Englis. There are many ways in which the musical world feels the loss of Thurston Dart. Among the unfinished items on his large agenda was the editing of Byrd’s.

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Non nobis Domine is now known in the form of a 16th-century canon derived from two passages in the hobis Aspice Domine a5 by the South Netherlandish lutenist and composer Philip van Wilderwho worked at the English court from c.

In a third, the Guida leads, as before, and the lower Voice follows, after three Semibreve rests, in the Octave below.

The Bass follows, after a Breve rest, in the Fifth below, singing the B flat. In England the canon came to form part of the repertory of glee clubs in the 18th and 19th centuries, and has traditionally been sung as a grace at public dinners.

It is in the ingenuity of that that the true merit lies. Non nobis domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam, whiche is to say in Englishe, Not to us lord, not to us, but to thy name let the glory be geven: Another antiquarian, the unreliable Johann Christoph Pepuschprinted it in his Treatise on Harmony with an attribution to Byrd which, though unfounded, has domjne traditional acceptance. In other languages Add byrs.


A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Non Nobis Domine

The chief demerit of this lies in the prominence which it gives to the Hidden Octaves already mentioned. It is however clear from the repeated notes and the contour of the melody that this version was already designed to fit the Non nobis, Domine text, which was evidently sung in a spirit of npn for deliverance.

Ricciotti may possibly have been tempted to accord it to Palestrina, on the authority of a very antient copy, said to be preserved in the Vatican, engraved upon a plate of gold. Mount Temple Comprehensive School in Clontarf, Dublin has it as a school song, and is sung annually at the carol service. In modern times it has nobiw quoted by Michael Tippett in his Shires Suite Monique Rio submitted Aspice Domine, quia facta est desolata civitas plena divitiis, sedet in tristitia domina gentium: We claim that merit for Byrd.

Non nobis Domine (Anonymous) – ChoralWiki

Although this version has not survived in written form, the canon subject was simple enough to have been memorized and transmitted orally. In order to work out this solution, the seventh note in the Alto must be made a Semibreve, and the eighth a Minim; and the three last notes in the Treble must be F, F, C, instead Domin, B, A.

But, the Subject is not the Canon. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat This, however, proves nothing. As part of Psalm In exitu Israel it was recited liturgically as part of the Paschal vigil, the celebrants kneeling in a gesture of self-abasement dimine this verse was reached. And therefore, not unto us, O Lord, not unto us; but unto thy Name be ascribed all honour and glory in all Churches of the saints, from generation to generation, through Jesus Christ our Lord.


In another two -part solution, the upper Voice, leading with the Guidais domind, after a Semibreve rest, by the lower one, in the Fourth below; all the Fs in the second Voice being made sharp. It was also the school hymn of Cirencester Grammar School to However, in Hall’s Chronicle Non nobis is sung as part of the complete psalm, presumably to plainsong or faburden. Non nobis is the incipit and conventional title of a short Latin Christian hymn used as a prayer of thanksgiving and expression of humility.

Non nobis Domine – A 3-part round apparently not by William Byrd

Retrieved from ” https: Part Midis and Mp3s Available Editor: Stuart McIntosh submitted The Subject, moreover, is by no means an unusual one; and nibis even been called, by Morley, ‘ a most common point. Web page content is available under the CPDL copyright license ; please see individual editions for their copyright terms. The Treble leads, with the Guida. Furthermore, Burney entertains us, on the authority of Hilton, with a solution in which all the parts are inverted; thus—.

There are surviving copies of the Non nobis Domine canon in the hands of both Mozart and Beethoven. A second collect, giving thanks for the Glorious Revolutionwas then added to the service.