Change of Heart has ratings and 68 reviews. Katelyn said: Shari Maurer really knows how to draw the most dramatic feelings out of her readers. I was. Apr 1, The Hardcover of the Change of Heart by Shari Maurer at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Title: Change of Heart Author: Shari Maurer Ratings Explanation Language: Frequent exclamations involving deity. Many instances of most swear words.

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Big events can drastically change a person and Maurer has portrayed that fantastically. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Hsart account. Apr 11, Liza Reid rated it liked it.

No matter what is going on in the book, you walk away appreciating life with a tear filled eye. If you don’t know anything about her, you should! Maurer told it honestly, but I wanted something a little more redeeming – I wanted to like Emmi despite her whining and boy-craziness, and I wanted her to learn something that stuck. On the one hand, I wholeheartedly agree with Emmi that just because you are young and sick, you don’t have to put on this happy, brave face for the world.

Apparently my dance card was all filled up because Emmi and Abe were all I cared about in this one. Emmi had a wonderful boyfriend, but she met a new guy that had already had a heart surgery. Emmi, an active, social 16 year old who has a passion for soccer comes down with a virus that damages her heart.

Emmi has hurdles and heartache to overcome, and has to maintain both her physical and emotional strength to do so. One of the only things I didn’t really enjoy in this book was Emmi and Sam’s relationship. And even if she does, what happens if she rejects the heart?

Change of Heart by Shari Maurer

While some aspects take longer than others, Emmi comes to face things in her own time and manner. I did like this book!


I was way too invested in this story at times, like I said, this book had me super emotional. Many people have to go through situations like this daily but no one likes to think about it. Abe helps Emmi through everything, he gives her strength and shows her than things will be better after all this.

Book Review: Change of Heart by Shari Maurer | Blogcritics

Also notable is Emmi’s struggle with the knowledge that for her to live, someone has to die. Emmi has two other close friends, Becca and Sam. With several twists and a few very emotional, intense scenes, Change of Heart is a stunning debut. It was just really sad, and I wish that her and Emmi could have ended up together. Though Emmi was a bit of an annoying character she treated her parents horribly, and was selfishsome of her flaws made her seem very realistic, and I liked seeing her finally put the pieces of her life back together.

The thought of death is something that has bugged all of us at one time or another.

The author did a good job showing how human Emmi is and how she later forgave Becca and Sam. It was nice to have a small reality check in between all my fantasy novels. There were so many emotions!

The story explores many themes: A very mmaurer book, especially if you want to read something to make you think a little and enjoy a nice story.

Jul 09, Jessica Saylor added it. She’s a typical high school girl and fully developed as a character, which means that she’s far from an idyllic victim that is to be pitied for having a weaken body. Did you know thatpeople in the United States need to receive organ transplants?

This book teaches you to never take life for granted because one day something might happen and things will never be the same again. I would especially recommend the book to anyone who knows a teen with an illness— Change of Heart really helps clarify what people in this kind of situation are going through.


From Emmi to the minor characters like the doctors and nurses, I liked how each one was individually portrayed. And th Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, popular varisty soccer star Emmi comes down with an ordinary virus. Jun 10, Angela M rated it really liked it.

Trivia About Change of Heart.

I loved the support her family gave her and the little things that were added to the story about her parents and siblings made it more real. I was really maurerr for him and I like him a lot. The book is full of emotions as Emmi faces typical teenage problems and the mortality of herself and others. Emmi also whined about her treatments and medications throughout the book.

I appreciated how Maurer touched on all those issues. Sam and Emmi became boyfriend and girlfriend, but later in the story Becca and Sam betray Emmi.

I think maybe an added conversation or two to show there were issues brewing between certain characters would have helped it make more sense to me. What sharii you do? Maurer does a splendid job painting him across the pages, giving reason to his actions in the same way she does Emmi. Will she even survive the surgery?

Change of Heart

If you also like a little bit of romance hardships I definitely recommend this book for you. The writing was extremely simplistic and I felt like I was cuange abou Emmi, an active, social 16 year old who has a passion for soccer comes down with a virus that damages her heart. Feb 15, Tina rated it liked it. I think many of us are afraid of something, spiders, heights, deep water, the usual stuff.