The Chevrolet Venture Owner’s Manual. Seats and Restraint Systems. This section tells you how to use your seats and safety belts properly. CHEVROLET, the CHEVROLET Emblem and the name VENTURE are registered trademarks of. General Motors Corporation. This manual includes the latest. ChevroletVenture repair manuals are available at the click of a mouse! Our ChevroletVenture onine manuals and information are updated monthly, to ensure .

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If you experience a With accessory power outlets you can plug in electrical problem see your dealer for additional information equipment such as a cellular xhevrolet or CB radio.

Related Models For Sale. It is important to perform these underhood checks Pressure test the cooling system and pressure cap. It is a chevrolet venture cjevrolet. When cover in place and push down the tab so that it rests you replace the compact spare with a full-size tire, in the groove. Release the lever to lock the seatback where you want it. If this happens, contact the radio station.

Chevrolet Venture Repair Manual | eBay

Outlet Adjustment Rear Climate Control System Without Entertainment System Your vehicle may have a rear climate-control system that allows the driver to adjust the fan speed or a rear-seat passenger to set a separate temperature and adjust the fan speed, for the rear-seating area.

Mask surrounding trim along stitch or welt lines.

Page Mode 3: Pull up on the convenience center to make sure it is locked into place. If the air bag readiness light stays on chhevrolet you start the Brake System Warning Light vehicle or comes on when you are driving, your air bag system may not work properly. See Fuses and Circuit G. Then keep turning the pressure cap, but now push down chevroolet you turn it. A safety belt that is improperly routed, not 1.


When you sit in the center position bucket seat, you have a lap safety belt which has a retractor. Battery Replacement Under normal use, the battery in your remote keyless entry transmitter should last about three years.

To release the The parking brake is tension on the parking brake cable, you will need to apply located under the about the same amount of pressure to the parking brake instrument panel on the In most cases, who is drinking depends upon four things: Put the restraint on the seat. In a crash, you can slide under the belt.

You can be burned if chevolet spill coolant on hot engine parts. Your vehicle has a glove box below the instrument panel. These positions allow you to signal a turn or a lane change.

CHEVROLET VENTURE 2004 Maintenance Manual

If this ever happens, do not try to force the sliding door. Go to the front of the vehicle and push up on the underhood release, located near the center under the grille. Power Sliding Door PSD If your vehicle has the power sliding door syou can If your vehicle has this feature, you can open and close override the security lock by pressing either power door the sliding door s using the switches inside of your lock switch while the power sliding door override vehicle.

The heavier the rain, the harder it is to see. At Least Once a Month 1. Recovery Tank Use the recommended coolant and the proper coolant mixture. The locking and unlocking of the doors when using the shift mode may have been changed since then.

Safety belts work for everyone, including pregnant women. The DVD player stop and a second time to eject chevrolft disc. When you want to leave the freeway, move to the Here are some things you can check before a trip: Rotate the head restraint forward and push it all the and secure it by pressing the upper corners way down.


Chevrolet Venture Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

To determine which features your vehicle is equipped with, follow the steps listed for entering the programming mode. Lower the child restraint cushion. Driving on Snow or Ice What is the worst time for this? See Maintenance Requirements on page in this section.

Chevrolet Venture Owners Manuals

They can be overcome by the extreme heat and suffer permanent injuries or even death from heat stroke. Compact Overhead Console Overhead Console The front overhead console includes two reading lamps, a storage compartment and a switchbank.

Page Winter Driving Here are some tips for winter driving: Install the compact spare tire and put the wheel 9. Use the center seating position to use the anchor bar properly.

Storing the Spare Tire and Tools 1. Drive at speeds that let you stay in your own mxnual. To return the seatback to an upright position, pull on the nylon strap or lift the recliner lever without putting any pressure on the seatback.

When tires are rotated, inspect Your vehicle has front disc brakes and may have rear brake pads for wear and evenly tighten wheel nuts in drum brakes or rear disc brakes.

When you ride in or on anything, you go as fast as But most crashes are in between. Your audio system has been calibrated for your vehicle from the factory. When the vehicle is sender will cause -E- to be displayed.