The Manpack Transceiver features low current consumption and Codan’s intelligent battery management system, which makes it easy to manage your. Codan’s HF transceiver is an all purpose and fully self contained manpack radio. It is designed to meet your long distance and remote communications. The CODAN Patrol Manpack is a reliable, rugged and secure solution for your portable long-range high frequency (HF) voice and data.

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Now compatible with SprintChat and SprintNet. So you can operate continuously on a single charge for several days, up to 65 hours, without the need to lug around extra batteries. They operate seamlessly with our NGT series, plus other commercial and military grade radios. Smart rugged handset Custom designed to suit operational scenarios, the Patrol smart handset is manufactured from high-grade plastic polymers to meet users requirements for functionality and aesthetics.

The radio and battery compartment are completely waterproofed and can be fully immersed.

Patrol 2110 Manpack Radio

Optional AES encryption can be added to deliver a fully secure, high quality voice capability. To ensure long operational use the internal modem auto-detects when a PC has been disconnected and switches to a power-save mode. Battery protection reduces your ongoing costs by extending battery life even further and removes the need to carry extra batteries.


Accessories include a mounting cradle with optional interface adapter, external DC backpanel and vehicle kit. They are ideal for all types of terrain and weather conditions.

Maximum RF power output for this solution is 25 W. A collapsible design makes it simple to stow.

v Manpack (Voice only) | LMR & HF Radio | Codan Radio

With an internal microphone and speaker, custom-built cradle, storage bag, tamper codzn fasteners and extension accessories, the Patrol smart handset is designed to give the user the best performance from their Manpack.

Building on the quality and reliability of Codan Manpacks, Patrol has a new rugged handset that offers extended capability and flexibility to users for their tactical requirements.

This is a programmable radio, with lots of built in options. The Patrol can be optioned with a fully integrated internal high speed data modem with AES bit encryption. The radio and battery compartment are completely waterproofed and can be fully immersed.

All GPS data can be encrypted so positions are only seen by authorised users. Now compatible with SprintChat and SprintNet. The antenna system comprises the automatic tuner coupled with a 3m composite whip antenna mounted to a NATO hole pattern compatible antenna base, providing continuous coverage from 2 to 30 MHz.

Specs Frequency range Transmit: With an optional fully integrated high-speed data modem, the Patrol M is capable of data-rates of up to bps, vodan with AES bit encryption to ensure your information remains confidential. The Patrol M Manpack and accessories are quick and simple to install in a base station. The transceiver and battery compartment are made from lightweight alloys and high-impact plastics, both capable cdoan withstanding immersion to a depth of 1m.


The handset features a high contrast clear LCD which is readable in all light conditions. A rugged kevlar design provides improved communications performance over short to medium ranges 1. Communications made easyThe M manpack transceivers share a common friendly user-interface with our innovative NGT series, so you can minimise training time and expenses. Codan has developed a complete range of easy to use mounting accessories for the Patrol M Manpack Transceiver, designed for quick, simple and convenient vehicle or base installation.

HF Manpack Transceiver Codan 2110

The built in DSP makes a major difference in picking weak signals out of the noise. It is waterproof and covan 3ft. Download PDF version of text.

Specs Frequency range Transmit: The 3m collapsible whip antenna, coupled with the internal Patrol Dodan Antenna Tuner provides continuous coverage from 1. There is no way to import data from an Xcel or text file.

The Patrol manpack complies with a large number of covan standards. Codan offers a range of backpacks for the Patrol M that are designed for durability, comfort, easy portability and ample storage for communications on the move.