Create a parser:: parser = () Several optional arguments may be passed to modify the parser’s behavior. Please see. reStructuredText (RST, ReST, or reST) is a file format for textual data used primarily in the Python programming language community for technical documentation. It is part of the Docutils project of the Python Doc-SIG ( Documentation. RST is a file format formely created by Python community to write documentation (and so, is part of Docutils). RST files are simple text files with lightweight syntax.

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Inline literals may contain any characters except two adjacent backquotes in an end-string context according to the recognition rules above.

The only difference between the contents of that file and the values provided by this proc is the doc. Therefore if the first construct fits in one line, and the indentation of rsst first and second constructs should differ, the first construct should not begin on the same line as the explicit markup start.

All standard directives those implemented and registered in the reference reStructuredText parser are described in the reStructuredText Directives document, and are always available. Auto-numbered footnotes generate a number as their footnote label and reference name.

This is an ordinary paragraph, introducing a block quote. In this case, the legend consists of this paragraph and the following table: A single focutils may contain inline markup. For quotes, matching characters can be any of the quotation marks in international usage.

reStructuredText Markup Specification

The syntax is the same as section title underlines without title text. Document Structure Document Doctree element: Backslash escapes can be used to allow arbitrary text to immediately follow inline markup: Indices without this explicit entry will be considered generated API extracted cocutils of a source. Any serious markup system requires an escaping mechanism to override the default meaning of the characters used for the markup.


How to configure the size of a pixel in the LaTeX writer documentation.

A field name may consist of any characters, but colons “: At a later stage in the processing, the “pending” element triggers a transform, which adds section numbers to titles.

Sections may contain body elementstransitionsand nested sections. Blank lines separate paragraphs from each other and from other body elements. For example, the following “note” admonition directive contains one rwt and a bullet list consisting of two list items:.

Testimonials The following testimonials are excerpts from unsolicited posts to mailing lists and the comp. The following enumeration sequences are recognized:. Quoted literal blocks are unindented contiguous blocks of text where each line begins with the same non-alphanumeric printable 7-bit ASCII character [7]. To set a “classes” attribute value on a block quote, the “class” directive must be followed by an empty comment:.

If the default title is to be used, the options docuti,s list may begin on the same line as the directive marker:.

Multiple block quotes may occur consecutively if terminated with attributions. All section title styles need not be used, nor need any specific section title style be used.

— docutils documentation

The CSS1 spec defines identifiers based on the “name” token “flex” tokenizer notation below; “latin1” and “escape” 8-bit characters have been replaced with XML entities:.

In the following example, target “one” indirectly references whatever target “two” references, and target “two” references target “three”, an internal hyperlink target. Line Block Deprecated The “line-block” directive is deprecated. The registered bibliographic field names and their corresponding doctree elements are as follows: Substitution is also appropriate when the replacement text cannot be represented using other inline constructs, or is obtrusively long: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


This example illustrates the nesting of line blocks, indicated by the initial indentation of new lines: Depending on the output formatter, comments may be removed from the processed output. Generated by Docutiks from reStructuredText source.


Examples are web pages and FTP sites:. The text within inline markup may not begin or end with whitespace. An option spec is a mapping of option name to conversion function; conversion functions are applied to each option value to check validity and convert them to the expected type. List of document markup languages.

See Simple Tables for a simpler but limited representation. In the text body, there is a source link, a reference name with a trailing underscore or two underscores for anonymous hyperlinks: Here rat examples of body elements: Directive functions return a list of nodes which will be inserted into the document tree at the point where the directive was encountered.

All markup dodutils for body elements and inline markup continues within the block quote:. List Table Directive Type: When text immediately precedes the “::