PDF | The main objective of the presented study was to compare the effectiveness of two standard test procedures for evaluating bus roof. he main objective of the presented study was to compare the effectiveness of two standard test procedures for evaluating bus roof integrity: the dynamic rollover. EUROPEAN TEST METHODS FOR SUPERSTRUCTURES. OF BUSES AND COACHES. RELATED TO. ECE R66 (THE APPLIED HUNGARIAN CALCULATION.

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In accordance with the results, the average magnitude of kinetic energy in case of impact attenuator revealed the value lower than those without impact attenuator owing to absorb energy in the impact attenuator.

Dimensions of the wheel support: The T figure shows that energy distribution did rememain constant, indicating that analysis results were accurate te. On this basis, the energy absorbing capability of body section during the rollover process was studied and evaluated. Elements, which do not contribute to the strength of the superstructure and are too valuable to risk damage e. The longitudinal l and transverse t coordinates of centre of gravity shall be determined on a common horizontal ground see Figure A3.

The approval granted in respect of a vehicle type pursuant to this Regulation may be withdrawn if the requirements laid down in Paragraph 7. A graph showing the various energy distribu ibutions from the rollover simulation of bus structure Fig.


The Study of Bus Superstructure Strength Based on ECE R66

Frontiers of Advanced Materials and Engineering Technology. The energy absorption including to the total deformation of the frontal cabin were evaluated. Safety Analysis of Arch Dam p.

Customer Benefit The number of physical tests necessary to prove the concept was significantly reduced by performing the simulations for the bus rollover. All the data and information stated in Paragraph 1.

The PH’s shall utilise the actual dimensions efe the pillars and structural elements on which they are located see Appendix 1 of this Annex. There is no significant change in the strength and deformation capability of the superstructure. They investigated on victims with re regard to injury outcomes, mechanisms, and poss ossible injury reduction for occupants when using g66 safety belelt. Full Vehicle CAE simula lation of the bus model will be carried out by Volvo Vo and results will be reviewed by test agency.

According to the ECE R66 equivalent authentication method, the rollover test of body section was carried out.

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Dce are the most popular and common passenger vehicle for long distance travel in Malaysia.

Strength of Superstructure – Large Passenger Vehicles. It shall be constructed so that it does not suffer any deformation which could change the direction of the roll-over of the vehicle. General Specifications and Requirements 6. The following text extract indicates the scope of the document, but does not represent the actual PDF content. Detailed description of the tested vehicle shall be given by the manufacturer in which: There are two limits which define the length of a bay: The explicit finite element program Ls-Dyna was used to verify the roof strength and rear wall strength.


A fully searchable, accurate, user-friendly resource for consolidated regulations that are updated quickly and frequently. At the beginning of the simulation the load application plane shall touch the cantrail at its most distant part from the vertical longitudinal central plane.

The Study of Bus Superstructure Strength Based on ECE R66

The active load shall be applied on the cantrail of the superstructure through an absolutely rigid load application plane, which extends in both directions beyond the cantrail and any adjacent structure.

The dist istributed masses were imposed by changing the density of the related region. It shall have an axis of rotation parallel to the longitudinal axis of the multi-axle section of the vehicle, and passing through the points of contact of the tyres of that section.

The vehicle type shall be defined by the vehicle manufacturer. These additional elements must not have a reinforcing effect on the strength of superstructure. Production Definitely Discontinued