Erkki Huhtamo, media historian and pioneering media archaeologist, is Professor in the Department of Design Media Arts at the University of California, Los. Visit ‘s Erkki Huhtamo Page and shop for all Erkki Huhtamo books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Erkki Huhtamo. Erkki Huhtamo, author and Professor of Media History and Theory at UCLA was keynote speaker at Scandinavia House, NYC which launched Streaming.

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Ever since the project was launched in the early s, he has collaborated with the NTT InterCommunication Center Tokyo Opera City,a major institution exhibiting technological art, by giving talks and contributing texts to its publications. Although it appeared first within literary scholarship, it soon huhtmao to other areas, including history, where it inspired a movement known as the new cultural history.

An archaeology of his “archaeology of knowledge” would be useful but cannot be developed here. Most of the objects included in the exhibition, and documented in an accompanying book he wrote, Fantasmagoria: But at the same time it must be traced back to the particulars from which it rises. The onslaught of digitalization is forcing cinema to rethink both its cultural position and its history.

At DMA his areas are the history and theory of media culture and media arts. From Dole to the Pole”.

University of California Press, Toward an Archaeology of the Screen, trans. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

UCLA Design Media Arts / Faculty

Huhtamo, Erkki and Perttu Rastased. The editors have chosen a different path by soliciting new contributions from both seasoned and emerging scholars, asking them to look forward rather than backward and to reflect on their particular take on media archaeology. I always try to be as clear and logical as I possible can, and I pay a lot of attention to style. When classifications of media archaeology have been attempted, a binary division has usually been drawn rekki the socially and culturally oriented Anglo-American studies and the hubtamo approach of German scholars, who have taken their cue from Friedrich Kittler’s synthesis of Foucault, information theory, media history, and McLuhan’s emphasis on the medium as the message.


Huhtamo and Parikka excavate the intellectual traditions and map the epistemological terrain of media archaeology itself, demonstrating that the field is ripe with possibilities not only for further historical examination, but also for imagining exciting new scholarly and creative futures. Still, one cannot avoid noticing how little attention has often been devoted to defining and discussing methods and approaches.

My Colleagues‘ News

Huhtamo is currently working on a number of new books. In The Gutenberg Galaxy McLuhan’s vision came to embrace the history of media in a more rigorous sense as he traced the dynamics between orality, the Gutenbergian printing revolution, and the new orality represented by televisual media.

Huhtamo has given magic lantern shows using nineteenth-century magic lanterns and slides from his own collection. A short excerpt of a 19th century miniature moving panorama entitled “World’s Fair – “.

Applied to historical scholarship, the new historicism promoted a self-reflexive and discourse-oriented approach that frequently drew on neighboring disciplines, including the symbolic anthropology of Clifford Geertz, and the rather amorphous field of cultural studies. Thank you for making these films Erkki!

Industrial archaeology, for example, digs through the foundations of demolished factories, boardinghouses, and dumps, revealing clues about habits, lifestyles, economic and social stratifications, and possibly deadly diseases. Ceram presented a strictly linear and teleological account about the developments that led to the cinema, breaking off his narrative inthe year that, according to him, “saw the birth of the cinema industry.


Erkki Huhtamo

He received his Ph. It could be claimed that a compilation of texts that have already been published would errkki served this purpose. Mechanization was presented as a depersonalized force that infiltrated Western societies down to the minutest details of everyday life. There are only 2 or 3 that have survived. About Artistic Explorations of Stereoscopic 3D. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

Siegfried Giedion’s Mechanization Takes Command presented a detailed account about the forms and impact of mechanization. I moved to California in and at present have no plans to return where I came from.

Erkki Huhtamo | Media Archaeologist, Historian, Exhibition Curator

How does one avoid reducing all other media to a footnote to the history of the moving image? Whether we speak of cultural materialism, media art history, new historicism or software studies, the essays compiled here provide not only an anthology of innovative historical case studies, but huhtmo a methodology for the future of media studies as material and historical analysis.

Material bodies, events, and institutions are all conditioned by discursive formations. Media archaeology is an emerging approach within media studies I have pioneered with a number of other scholars since the early s. Huhramo Huhtamo owns an extensive collection of antique optical viewing devices and documents, such as magic lanterns, peep show boxes, camera obscuras, praxinoscopes, kinoras, etc.

Inter facing Media 6.