Furcation Involvement & Its Treatment: A Review. Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Advanced Medical and Dental Sciences Research. Shikai Tenbo. ;51(3) [Furcation involvement and its management]. [ Article in Japanese]. Hasegawa K, Miyashita H, Kinoshita S. PMID: The management of furcation involvement presents one of the greatest . The membrane was soaked in normal saline solution to improve its adhesion.

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Various terms have been used to describe treatment procedures furcaton furcation involvement in the literature viz; furcationplasty, root amputation, hemisection, root resection, root separation and tunnel preparation. The furcatjon of resorbable membrane materials brings clear advantages in the clinical management of guided tissue regeneration procedures: Initial furcation involvement can be effectively treated with effective plaque control and scaling and root planning, while grade II and III furcations require surgical management.

Evaluation of durapatite ceramica as an alloplastic implant in periodontal osseous defects. Distal root is less curved and its axis is in the distal direction from the root trunk to the apex. In maxillary molars with furcation involvement, this procedure is done when one root is untreatable, two roots have adequate bone support and the crown does not require a involvemenf restoration.

The results of the study demonstrated that crestal bone levels and attachment levels in the furcations were maintained for this time period.

The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. The reshaping of alveolar bone in the furcation area is known as furcationplasty. Data analysis Pairwise comparisons within the groups were done by applying the independent student t test. The clinical significance of CEP is that while attempting regeneration in involved furcation, CEP should be removed because connective tissue does not attach to enamel and a long junctional epithelium shall be formed which is easily susceptible to breakdown.

The endodontic treatment of tooth resolves the periodontal problem also. J Indian Soc Periodontol. This demonstrates that the oral hygiene compliance of the subjects in both the groups, over the observation period, was statistically significant.


The resorbable collagen GTR membrane could be effectively manageent in the treatment of human grade II furcation defects.

[Furcation involvement and its management].

Guided tissue regeneration has been shown to be………………………. How to do research? Following are the treatment procedure which are considered while making a treatment plan for maxillary and mandibular molars with grade III furcation involvement, Mandibular molars: Home care by the patient plays a vital role in the overall prognosis of the treated tooth.

Ricchetti 25proposed the following classification depending upon the horizontal component of bone loss, Class I: Trisection 50 is done in cases……………… Post-treatment maintenance of furcation Home care by the patient plays a vital role in the overall prognosis of the treated tooth. The root trunk length of mandibular second molar is more than the first molar.

This is named as a Cul-de-sac which means a dead end street. In a study Hirschfeld and Wasserman 1reported that percentage of tooth loss in furcation-involved molars was On the other hand, Kalkwarf et al. The access to the furcation area is difficult both for the dentist and patient, and their treatment constitutes an enormous challenge.

You do not have the permission to view this presentation. It should be noted that both the roots must have furccation bone support. The recall interval in patients with furcation involvement is comparatively shorter mmanagement the patients with no furcation involvement.

Trauma from occlusion TFO: The treatment performed included coronal scaling only, scaling and root planing, scaling and root planing plus modified Widman flap, and open flap scaling and root planing with osseous resection.

As already stated, hemisection involves removing significantly compromised root structure and the associated coronal structure through deliberate excision Nil Conflict of Interest: The establishment of an anatomy of the affected surfaces that facilitates proper self-performed plaque control. Guided tissue regeneration for the treatment of periodontal intrabony and furaction defects. Both vertical and horizontal attachment gains were of the magnitude of within 1 mm, and in none of the cases was the furcation closed or any significant difference between the guided tissue regeneration and open flap debridement seen.

Some authors have suggested coronally advanced flap with or without root conditioning and placement of bone graft There is a high percentage of molars with patent accessory canals that open in their furcation area Goldman 23gave the following classification to describe the degree of furcation involvement.


The presence of accessory canals in the furcation area may easily extend the endodontic infection in the furcation area and may result in bone loss in furcation. A retrospective study 60 investigated factors affecting treatment decisions and outcome of root resected molars using a nationwide population-based dataset in Taiwan. These changes reflect reduction of the horizontal inter-radicular probe penetration. Maintenance of adequate oral hygiene is required for preventing furcation lesion from progression.

Four to six weeks after scaling and root planing and just prior to the surgical procedure, each subject was re-examined and baseline data were recorded. The interproximal furcation is best maintained by an interdental brush whereas facial and lingual furcations are better maintained by end tuft brush, rubber tip stimulator, or toothpick-in-holder. It must be made sure by clinical and radiographic examination that following root separation each root cone has an adequate amount of bone support following the procedure.

[Furcation involvement and its management].

In the case of vertical root fracture involving trunk of the root, frequently its extension to furcation area is found. The resorbable GTR membrane with bone material was more effective in the treatment of furcation defects than open debridement alone.

Six months postsurgical horizontal measurements at the control site with the stent. Biological aspect Dental implants: A retrospective study 57 was done to analyze the factors influencing treatment decisions for periodontitis-affected teeth and the long-term outcome of these treatment decisions.

Before we discuss the treatment of furcation defects, let jts discuss these terminologies first. The procedure involves removal of a root without removal of the overhanging portion of the crown Figure