I am trying to view a EPS file and it tells me I need a ghostscript plugin. What is it and where do get one?. Dear All, I have installed (latest version each, all portable) – Portable Apps Platform – Ghostscript – Irfan View – Irfan View Plugins It fails opening. I am nto able to figure out where do I link in IrfanView. IrfanView forums looks extremely unfriendly for new registrants and many.

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I am nto able to figure out where do I link ghostscript. The IrfanView PlugIns collection’s installation is straightforward and deploys all content within the PlugIns directory of your IrfanView installation location for on-the-go usage.

Once the installation process finishes, you cannot be wrong in assuming your IrfanView to be a distinguished media and itfanview viewer that comes with a sophisticated set of newly learned skills.

But there is no newer version downloadable from http: Also ensure that Custom Path is selected in the postscript options dialog. Does anyone have an idea? The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Other than that I can’t recreate your problem of not getting the save pdf dialog box. I didn’t need to link ghostscript to Irfanview, but I’ll have a look around for you. Enter your email below to ghostscriph exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else.


IrfanView ALL plugins 4.

How to view PDF files in IrfanView

Irfanview is 32bit, so your Ghostscript should be too I found this on the Irfanview Forum. Of course, it can open virtually any image format, but it can also get support for a wide variety of media files by using a collection of plugins. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Maybe this is your problem: March 17, – 3: And I had a problem with Ghostscript a ghodtscript back because the version I used wasn’t correct don’t remember which one I used at the time, but now I have 9.

Gord, mwayne, thanks for taking care. Thanks jrfanview your help in advance, sosolala.

ghostscrip Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you’re awesome! It undoubtedly and radically remodels the way we see IrfanView by further widening the spectrum of supported file formats and the available operations.

Graphic PluginsIrfanView Plugins. March 17, – 7: I am using IrfanView 4. I followed your instruction and it works fine for me now. After that I installed Irfanview and Ghostscript from within the platform and installed the Irfanview-Plugins directly in the Irfanvew directory which hopefully is correct.

IrfanView PlugIns

March 20, – 9: March 20, – 5: Thanks for your comments. Same result like above. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. I run it on WIN7prox64 Thanks for your help and have a nice weekend.


IrfanView + Ghostscript « How-To Geek Forums

IrfanView fails to open EPS – still. Skip to main content. I came across http: IrfanView forums looks extremely unfriendly for new registrants and many posts talk about this combination but none about the settings. On the right you get a little extra window with PDF settings. A fix will be coming shortly. You need to tick ‘not needed select settings now ‘ to get the compression tab.

IrfanView’s PlugIns collection goes beyond the job of making the software better.

I wil be glad if anyone can point to right configuration. Create new account Request new password. I’ll get a revision built as soon as possible including this fix.


This post has been reported. This impressive set truly brings added value to an almost encyclopedic supported file formats list. Ah, that’s possibly it: Will try to figure out why that is.

Nice to see ghosstcript using Irfanview: When you have ‘after selection of file select settings then ‘ ticked you will have only the tabs General and ImPDF. Dec 13th, Freeware.