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The high priest answered: Of this Gospel the Moriscoes in Africa have a translation in Spanish; and there is in the library of Prince Eugene of Savoy onjil, a manuscript of some antiquity, containing an Italian translation of the same Gospel, made, it is to be supposed, for the use of renegades.

The first published account of the Gospel was inwhen a brief reference to the Spanish text is found in De religione Mohamedica by Adriaan Reland ; [7] and then ina much more detailed description of the Italian text by the Irish deist John Toland.

Here the author really has his facts incorrect, for Capernaum was the coastal city and Nazareth was up in the hills where it is to this day. Jesus seated himself at the foot of the mountain, and they ate ofthe wild fruits, because they had not bread. Ya, Maryam, sesungguhnya Allah memberi khabar gembira kepada engkau dengan kalimatNya, namanya Al-Masih ‘Isa anak Maryamyang mempunyai kebesaran didunia dan akhirat dan termasuk orang-orang yang terdekat kepada Tuhan”.

Dalam wawancara antara Hazrat ‘Isa dengan kedua muridnya yaitu Andreas dan Yakobus, dimana kedua murid bertanya: This work clearly contradicts the New Testament biblical accounts of Jesus and his ministry but has strong parallels with the Islamic faith, not only mentioning Muhammad by name, but including the shahadah chapter Sale quotes three passages from the text in Spanish; and a further nine chapters are quoted by White in English translation.

One or two plausible theories have been suggested, but to this day we have not been able to discover why he did this. And assuredly all men do not serve one god, but one man one, and another. Secondly, it is alleged that the Romans stirred up the Jews to such an extent about the real nature of Jesus that “all Judea was in arms” p.

Terjemah Injil Barnabas by achmad Kahfi

Some Muslim scholars [ citation needed ] state that this references the Mahdian eschatological figure in Islam, who will help defeat al- Masih ad-Dajjal lit “the false messiah”, cf. In some key respects, it conforms injil barnabas the Islamic interpretation of Christian origins and contradicts the New Testament teachings of Christianity. Some readers have noted that the Gospel of Barnabas contains a number of anachronisms and historical incongruities: Behold God, who causeth the sun to come upon the good and evil, and likewise the rain.


We conclude that there is overwhelming evidence that the real Barnabas was most certainly not the author of the book being circulated today injl the Muslim world banabas purports to be written by him. Some 16th-century anti-Trinitarian divines sought to reconcile Christianity, Islam and Judaism; on the basis of very similar arguments to those presented in the Gospel of Barnabas, arguing that if salvation remains unresolved until the end times, then any one of the three religions could be a valid path to heaven for their own believers.

Terjemah Injil Barnabas

Much of the controversy and dispute concerning the authenticity of the Gospel of Barnabas can be re-expressed as debating whether specific highly transgressive themes from an orthodox Christian perspective might already have been present in the source materials utilised by a 14th—16th-century vernacular author, whether they might be due to that author himself, or whether they might even have been interpolated by the subsequent editor.

Jesus would have gone up from Capernaum to Nazareth, not the injil barnabas way around as the author of the Gospel of Barnabas has it. He came from Cyprus, an island where Greek was the common tongue, and Greek would have been his home language. In this context it may be noted that Chapter in the Italian manuscript contains a corrected chapter division, in that the scribe originally split off the final paragraph into the start of Chapterand then erased and overwrote the division.

Cape Town, South Africa, And remember, Jesus, the son of Mary, said: It is accordingly a worthless forgery which should be disowned as such by every Muslim who believes in his heart that no lie can be of the truth. Kata Injil berasal dari bahasa Yunani euanggelion yang mempunyai arti “Kabar gembira atau kabar baik tentang al-Masih”. But we are constrained to ask how this book can be true in Muslim eyes if it contradicts the Qur’an which the Muslims believe to be the Word of God.

In John Ernest Grabe found an otherwise unreported saying of Jesus, [10] attributed to the Apostle Barnabasamongst the Greek manuscripts in the Baroccian collection in the Bodleian Library ; which he speculated might be a quotation from this “lost gospel”. No trace is known of the original Spanish manuscript after Dr.


The author of the Gospel of Barnabas makes Jesus say:. Whereupon I am sure that he who shall sell me shall be slain in my name, for that God shall take me up from the earth, and shall change the appearance of the traitor so that every one shall believe him to be me; nevertheless, when he dies an evil death, I shall abide in that dishonour for a long time in the world.

Oct 05, Anan Bahrul Khoir rated it it was amazing. As mentioned above, these pronouncements contradict Islamic belief as Jesus is not only mentioned as a prophet in the Qur’an but also referred to by the title “al-Masih” which is the Arabic translation of the term “Messiah.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Dengan demikian tradisi Perjanjian Lama yang menyatakan bahwa janji itu akan lahir dari keturunan Ishak kej. Apocryphal Gospels Modern pseudepigrapha Denial of the crucifixion of Jesus 16th-century Christian texts. The Italian spelling is idiosyncratic in frequently doubling consonants and adding an intrusive initial “h” where a word starts with a vowel e.

As a result some Muslims believe that this is the true Injil that was given to Jesus. Some Muslims consider the surviving versions as transmitting a suppressed apostolic original. Dearly beloved the great and wonderful God hath during these past days visited us by his prophet Jesus Christ in great mercy of teaching and miracles, by reason whereof many, being deceived of Satan, under presence bqrnabas piety, are preaching most impious doctrine, calling Jesus son of God, repudiating the circumcision ordained of God for barnxbas, and permitting every unclean meat: Articles needing more detailed references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July All accuracy disputes Articles with disputed statements from January All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from January In the second chapter we read that Paul went up to Jerusalem – with Barnabas of course – taking Titus, an uncircumcised Greek, with him as a test case against the necessity of circumcision Galatians 2.