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Tonga – – Ley. Amends clause 77 general elections and right to allotments of the principal Act. Criminal Offences Amendment Act No. Companies Act Act No. Reforms the laws relating to companies. Repeals the Companies Act Cap. Legislative Assembly Act No. Provides that an officer who resigns from the civil service to join the permanent staff of the Legislative Assembly shall have the period in pey he was a civil servant taken into account in the computation of benefits.

Amends section 2 to introduce a new definition for “Minister” and replaces the words “customs controller” with the words “Minister” throughout the Act. Defines “export oriented manufacturing industry”, and adds subsection 13 3 providing that export oriented manufacturing industries, hotels and cruising vessels which are granted development licences shall be exempted from payment of Port and Service Tax.

Pensions Amendment Act No. Amends the Pensions Act by providing that where an officer holding a pensionable office or to whom a pension has been granted dies, His Majesty in Council may grant his wife or legitimate child or children under the age of 21 years or his personal legal representative a gratuity of an amount not exceeding the lsy of one year’s pension.

Electoral Amendment Act No. Provides for voting procedures, policing of polling stations, and general offences.

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Tonga – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza. Provides for flight time limitations and qualifications of flight crew, as well as other general matters concerning civil aviation. Modifies Regulation 9 of the Schedule to the Pensions Act leg become: These Regulations under S.

Health Services Act No. The Act is designed to provide a comprehensive health care service for Tonga. The Ministry of Health is charged with the responsibility to create facilities and programs to carry out this goal. The Act stipulates that “reasonable” charges for services may be imposed, but that “no person be denied adequate care by reason of inability to meet the costs. This Act amends the Constitution of Tonga so that key King and Legislative Assembly now may enact laws declaring any person “whether or not they have ever resided in Tonga” to be or to become naturalized subjects of Tonga.

Minor amendment to definitional sections of the Act of the Constitution of Tonga Cap. Most of the changes are made to definitions relating to criminal offenses. This Act amends the Constitution to provide a right of appeal to the Privy Council from Land Court decisions relating to the determination of hereditary estates and titles.

Electoral Act Act No. Divided into 3 Parts concerning the rights of citizens, the form of government, and property rights all land is owned by the King of Togo. Prohibits slavery and any laws discriminating between classes of people.

Provides for freedom of the press unless this conflicts with laws for the protection of the Royal Family, and for certain rights to ensure a fair trial. Cooperative Societies Rules Cooperative Societies Act No. An Act to provide for the formation of cooperative societies and to regulate their operations. Tonga – – Acuerdo let. Exchange of notes constituting 2652 agreement concerning officers designated by the Government of the United Kingdom in the service of the Government of Tonga.


Done at Nuku’alofa on 21 March and 24 April Regulates the entry, stay and exit of foreigners in the country.

Also regulates employment of foreigners in the country. Civil Law Act Cap. Provides that “subject to the provisions of this Act, the Court shall apply the common law of England and the rules of equity, together with statutes of general application in force in England” article 3. Trade Union Act, An Act consisting of 22 articles arranged in 2 parts, to regulate trade unions and industrial disputes. Dock Regulation Act Cap. Provides for safety measures for workers employed in docks unloading and loading ships.

Criminal Offences Act Cap.

Public Holidays Act [Cap 51]. Trinidad 24652 Tabago – – Ley. AN ACT to make jurisdiction for all family matters and children matters exercisable in a Division of the High Court to be called the Family and Children Division and to make provision for matters connected therewith.

Marriage Amendment Act, Act No. The Liquor Licences Act Chap. Also amends the Tobacco Control Act making it an offence to use a child to buy, sell or deliver any tobacco product. ly

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Under the Trafficking in Persons Act, the definition of “child pornography” is extend. Also amends the Summary Courts Act Chap. Amends section 2 definitions and inserts a new section 22AA and section 22AB concerning special provisions for designated entities. Also amends section 22B, 22C, 33 and A new section 42 is also inserted concerning penalties.

Data Protection Act, Cap. Trafficking in Persons Act, Cap. Children’s Life Fund Act, Cap. Establishes a charity entitled the Children’s Life Fund and also establishes a body corporate to be known as the Childre’s Life Fund Authority which is to manage the fund. Also includes a new Schedule in the Act.

Prisons Amendment Act, Act No. Amends sections 8 and 17 of the Act with respect to searching of prison officers, workers and visitors, drug testing of inmates and penalties for infringements of prison rules. An Act to prevent tobacco use by children; regulate tobacco use by individuals; enhance public awareness of the hazards of tobacco use and ensure that individuals are provided with information to make more fully informed decisions about using tobacco; protect individuals from exposure to tobacco smoke; prohibit and restrict promotional practices; prevent smuggling of tobacco; provide for regulation of tobacco products to mitigate against the harmful effects of tobacco; and provide for other related matters.

Inserts a new section 11A concerning computation of pension in acting capacity, prior to compulsory retirement; section 11B concerning Computation of pension on promotion following acting, prior to compulsory retirement and 11C concerning the coming into force of the two sections.

Teachers’ Pensions Amendment Act, No. Inserts a new section 12A concerning computation of pension in acting capacity, prior to compulsory retirement; section 12B concerning Computation of pension on promotion following acting, prior to compulsory retirement and 12C concerning the coming into force of the two sections. Inserts a new section 16A concerning computation of pension in acting capacity, prior to compulsory retirement; section 16B concerning Computation of pension on promotion following acting, prior to compulsory retirement and 16C concerning the coming into force of the two sections.


Children’s Authority Amendment Act, No. This Act has effect even though it is inconsistent with sections 4 and 5 of the Constitution. Makes numerous amendments to the Act, including definitions and terms of reference. Inserts a new section 3A concerning objectives of the Act and replaces section 5 concerning powers and functions of the Authority and section 5A concerning powers with respect to adoption procedures.

Also amends sections 6, 7, 7A, 8 and 9 concerning the duties of the Authority and section 11 concerning the composition of the Authority. Repeals sections 12, 13, 15, 29, 35A, 37 343 2 and 43 3. Also makes amendments to sections 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25 family assistance orders etc. The Schedule to the Act is also repealed and replaced. Inserts a new section 35 concerning exceptions to the payment of benefits which are to be determined taking into account pensionable emoluments of the holders of the offices set out in the amended Fourth Schedule.

Trinidad y Tabago – – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Homes for Older Persons Act, No. Constitution Amendment Act, No. Provides that a person under the age of 16 shall not be admitted to employment. Amends the Factories Ordinance section 3 and the Children’s Act section 2 in accordance with this Act.

Also amends the Children’s Act with respect to: Also amends the Recruiting of Workers Act by repealing section 5 and section 1 of the Shipping Act. The Constitution Amendment Act No. Amends the Constitution with repsect to reforming the Police Service Commission, conferring powers on the Commissioner of Police to control and manage the Police Service and for related matters amendments made to sections, and Police Service Act, Cap. An Act to consolidate, amend and revise the law relating to the Police Service, to ensure efficient and transparent management of the Service and to provide that the principles of equity and meritocracy shall be applied at all times and for other related matters.

Repeals the Police Service Act Chapter Police Complaints Authority Act, Cap. Establishes an independent body to investigate criminal offences involving police officers, police corruption and serious police misconduct.

Repeals the Police Complaints Authority Act, and amends the Domestic Violence Act, is amended by deleting section 23 6 and replacing it with a new section concerning complaints. Amends sections 4 interpretation6 general duties of employers to their employees8 and 9 duties of occupiers10 general duties of employees at work15 refusal to work16 refusal to report18 investigation by inspector19 employee to be available21 entitlement to be paid25 dangerous fumes, etc.

Adds a new section 13A on annual risk assessment and repeals section 25 G risk assessment.

Anti-Terrorism Act, Cap. An Act to criminalize terrorism, to provide for the detection, prevention, prosecution, conviction and punishment of terrorist activities and the confiscation, forfeiture and seizure of terrorists’ assets. Education Amendment Act, No.

Amends section 53 concerning the noting of schedules as well as by inserting new sections 56A regulations56B transitional 264274M representing association74N application for certification of recognition74O right of persons to form or join associations or trade unions.

In the Schedule, the word “incest” is also inserted after paragraph 5.